Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad


Education is the new job of gaining knowledge and skills in a specific subjects such as training and development. Some people may want to continue their education abroad after the education in their country.

Studying abroad has many advantages for us. First, of course, to improve language. Living in a language-speaking country gives you a life surrounded by language. In these conditions , language develops very swiftly. On the other hand ,you have graduated from a qualified universty abroad will increase the glorified of job opportunities offered to you in every country you visit.

Education from abroad has both advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the hardest part for all people is the “economy”. Especially tuition, fees and the cost of books are very high. Every penny you spend on water and electricity comes out of your pocket. Another issue that is almost as important as the economy is” social life”. The friendship and family relationships of people in Europe and America are not as tight as ours. It means that if you have relavites anf friends  you meet frequently ,you may not able to find same closeness and warmth abroad  and you may be unhappy; it is useful to know this truth.

So the choice I mean with these sentences is entirely up to you, but if you ask me , it doesn’t take anyone to see things different from trying new things. If you can, don’t wait.


 In recent years alcohol is one of the remarkable reasons for deaths and it is a known fact that millions of people die because of it. In some countries alcohol advertisements still exist. Alcohol advertising should be banned all around the world although some people claim the opposite.

The opponents claim that, alcohol is not related with health issues since the genetics is more dominant on diseases. However, there are several studies showing that alcohol affects health in a bad way and causes many diseases such as cancer, diabetics and so on. Under these circumstances, showing alcohol advertising on TV may provoke the audience to drink more. There is no doubt that this will result in their drinking alcohol and having some diseases.

The people who are in favor of alcohol advertising state that it is not alcohol that is relevant with the crime rates but the personalities or family values. Yet, according to the recent researches, the crimes rates are directly related with alcohol. Because of alcohol, people lose their conscious a bit or a lot, that’s why they cause some problems by accident or on purpose since they feel relaxed under the effect of alcohol. To exemplify, many drunk drivers kill lots of innocent ones since they can not control the way they drive. Therefore, alcohol should not be advertised on TV in order not to encourage people more.

To summarize all my points I have mentioned so far, alcohol should be banned on TV because of the negative effects on human health. As far as I am concerned, people should be kept away from the harmful impact of alcohol by not seeing it on TV every day. 

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